Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oops, They Did It Again

Second Life has been deader than non-prim hairstyles the last two days. Now you might say, 'Well of course dummy, it's the weekend!' but to those of with no Real Lives except to work hard every week during Work Life, the weekends were made for Second Life -- although maybe we should call it Third Life!

Anyway...what I am trying to say is, SL was unusually quiet, ever since they did another unnecessary, useless client update. Why Mr. Linden every single time I get one of your 12 new client updates every month do all my preferences get erased and I have to take the tutorial over and over! Kanomi knows where her inventory is! It's in her pocket, and it's full of boxes and shoes!

Apparently I am not the only one with problems. The new client baffled even many experienced SLifers! Some of them reported they could not find the new client icon. Others said it was in a new path and now they are on the wrong client and told to download the new one over and over! Others had trouble making it work...and those just the ones who even made it on last night that I could talk to!

Please Mr. Linden, make public clients only once per quarter, always put them in the same directory and path the user has already created, and use the same desktop shortcuts for them to easily find the game!

We do not need even more people leaving Second Life because your sloppy software releases confuse and scare the poor nice people who want to visit a Kanomi!

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