Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ten Reasons Philip Rosedale Stepped Down as CEO of Linden Labs

Recently Philip Rosedale announced his intention to step down as CEO of Linden Labs, the company he founded to create the virtual world Second Life. No specific cause was given, but Tiny Dancing has unearthed a short list of possible reasons...

#10: Realized his avatar sucked.

#9: Board of Directors rejected his idea to list Linden Lab on "World Stock Exchange."

#8: Needed more time for downloading, installing clients.

#7: Pursuing exciting new opportunity filling out HippiePay quizzes.

#6: Learned difference between "revenue" and "income."

#5: Shedding meat-envelope to become one with the emergent, quantum overmind.

#4: Wanted more time to respond to Prokofy Neva posts.

#3: Tired of being introduced at trade shows as "Philip Linden, creator of the primcock."

#2: Partnered avatar Bunnypet Wingtips hasn't logged in for six weeks. ;(

#1: This.*



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