Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Last Ride

Congrats to my friend and Steampunkette extraordinaire Joni Vargas who won the Metaversal Arts Photo Contest!

Here is her winning entry, "Last Ride," taken at the excellent in-world gothic theme park, the Carnival of Doom. This is not the full-sized original, but you get the idea: the eerie calm, the ostensibly happy place, the roiling, brooding atmosphere as the sun begins to set.

The young visitor poses for an innocent picture, happily holding her balloon. The Ferris wheel serves as a dramatic backdrop, silhouetted in the last light.

But what's this? The aging machinery groans aloud! Rusted iron snaps with a creak and a hiss. Screams erupt through the fairgrounds! The young woman turns her head to behold carnage and horror, just as the picture is snapped.

(Pic by Joni Vargas)

And here is an appropriately recursive picture of Joni standing next to her winning picture. Joni, you should have worn the top hat and the balloon while accepting the prize!

(Pic by Darleez DeCuir)

Joni took me to the carnival a while ago and we bought midget suits, shot target practice, got scared at the freak show, and explored the house of horrors that got us caught in a television that would never end!

It's a fun place to go, I've been taking friends there ever since. Here is the SLURL, which is supposed to take you right there in the game if you have SL up and running.

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