Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slinging Some Slang

A logjam of new "SLang" hot off the grid!

A few of the more amusing expressions I've invented heard lately; like most slang these words tend to focus on the earthier and more comical aspects of SL. Enjoy!

bfotw: Boyfriend of the week; as in: "Who's that guy?" / "Oh that's Jord's bfotw!"
Caledrone: the never ending stream of conversation in the Caledon resident's group, as in: "I tried to ask about some property but my question was lost in the Caledrone..."
earhole: the nearly invisible vaginal opening on a freebie newbie female skin, as in: "Did you see that couple? How's he going to fit his big plastic q-tip in her earhole!"
emotiwhore: someone who uses at least one smilie :) or other emote in every sentence, or continually as standalone words; as in: "Hai... *^^*" / "Quit being such an emotiwhore!"
extraordinary rendition: giving your friend a blind teleport and dropping them of a cliff, into a slave cage or other humorous situation, after the infamous abduction technique
Disemboweler 5000: a cock attachment of gargantuan proportions, after a legendary, possibly mythical, early freebie; as in: "What is that thing, the Disembowler 5000?"
gfotw: Girlfriend of the week; as in: "Who's that girl?" / "Oh that's Jez's gfotw!"
ggg: genuine genetic girl; a born female whose femininity has been established by voice, irl pix, or other means; as in: "Is she a tg or a gg?"/"She says gg!"/"But is she ggg?"
IMpatient: someone who sends an IM then follows it up with three more before you can reply; as in: "Hi what's up? ... Hello? ... Are you there? ... Why do you ignore me?"
lesbut: a lesbian with an asterisk; a profile that includes, "I'm a lesbian but..."
logjam: a bunch of grey, rezzing alts piled up on the lot's default landing spot
malt: male alt. "I'm bored, I'm gonna go log on my malt and flash some noobs."
Mr. Too Right: a straight male who is well-dressed, sensitive, enjoys talking about Jane Austen...and is played by an irl woman
NNIM: Naked Noob IM, usually sounds something like this: "Hi how r u?"
noob boobs: breasts so large they can't be created with simple sliders but must be worn as attachments; also known as water booballoons and beach balls
noteplay: roleplay that involves vast quantities of notecards to read and fill out; as in: "Did you have fun on that gor sim?" / "Nah, total noteplayers."
cigar box: a slutty gal who beds a lot of men; as in: "Bunnypet is such a cigar box!"
polebot: a stripper that uses auto-greeters and other scripts to interact with guests; as in: "I tipped her 200L and her text was green!" / "Total polebot!"
pump & dump: unfriending someone not long after having sex with them for the first time; also known as buyer's remorse; as in: "Hey did you pump & dump Coolguy25?" / "Yeah, total buyer's remorse."
Sanc skank: someone hanging out looking for quick, free sex; named for a well-known TG pickup place
slap or slapanese: having Japanese names, clothes, weapons etc. despite not even speaking the language; as in: "Is Kanomi Japanese?" / "No she's a total slap!"
sledding: Second Life wedding, because it's as fast and bumpy as a sled ride and everyone gets dumped at the end
snog & log: someone who logs out immediately after the act; also known as "hump & jump" or "blow & go"
sorryguy: a female avatar whose profile begins, "Sorry guys, but I like women only..."; often taken to mean the sorryguy is also in fact, a guy
tag bag: someone who doesn't fill out their profile properly but always has some ludicrous tag in brightly colored caps over their head
tranny pet: female who loves shemales
voice griefer: one who attends live chat events to be loud and obnoxious on the microphone