Monday, March 24, 2008

Naked Shorts

Linden Labs needs money and I am teleporting naked. Surprisingly, the two are related.

A recent Financial Times bit about Linden doing an IPO because of CEO Philip "Philip Linden" Rosedale stepping down seems to have prompted much happy speculation, which this Tateru Nino piece shoots down.

Wake up! Here's the part about the nudity!

The first thing I was told tonight (after once again logging out naked) was: "The region you have requested is not currently available. You will be teleported to a nearby region." Next thing I know, I'm flashing the newbs on Orientation Island. Meanwhile group notices and item drops are burying my inventories, leaving me buck naked and stranded. Help! It's a slemergency!

Or was it? Perhaps it is all a sinister scheme by Philip Linden to entice new avatars to prolong their visits by "accidentally" dropping nudies on them. You know, run some server code that scans new logins, screens for a lack of clothing, screens for prim attachments, and then parachutes tasty fruits and vegetables right onto the fresh meat.

Philip: "Good news guys, new users are becoming incredibly more sticky!"
Mitch: "Philip, are you talking web metrics or catgirls?"
Philip: "Let's not go there today, Mitch."

But if that doesn't save the company, the next step is obvious:


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