Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Announcing the Tiny Dancing® Brand Center

Your Connection to Kanomi™

As Tiny Dancing® grows in page views, so does the demand for more schoolgirls in miniskirt pictures. We think that's great! And since we at Tiny Dancing® are so passionate about allowing you creative access up our skirt but also deeply committed to protecting the reputation of our panties, we are pleased to announce the...

Guidelines for Using Kanomi™ Trademarks

No Logo or Tagline Use. Please do not use our catchphrases, memes, art doodles, or charming quirks, including but not limited to our "Hand-on-Panties" logo and our tagline "Your Money. My Penor," or smile in the same sunny manner we do when we say, "Hello!"

Notice Symbol. Always use a trademark notice symbol (™) for each and every reference to Kanomi™. Each subsequent reference to Kanomi™ should refer to one of her copyrighted charming qualities, such as friendliness®, cuteness©, or niceness®!

Generic Nouns. Always follow a mention of Kanomi™ with an appropriately descriptive noun or sentence, and always talk to, with, and about Kanomi™ in a positive, enthusiastic manner! Try to use exclamations points! But not too many! Because that's a charming quirk®!

For example:

This is OK:
Kanomi™ the good girl©
Kanomi™ the special girl©
Kanomi™ "The Friend to All"®

This is NOT OK:
Kanomi™ the bad girl
Konami makes videogames.
"Kanomi is not my friend!"
"Tiny Dancing is an Elton John song."

Failure to comply may result in a visit with a Dalek!

Creative Commons License
This Tiny Dancing Brand Center is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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