Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet Your Friend, Kanomi!

Hello, I am yoiko Kanomi, which means the good girl Kanomi. I am not a videogame, that's KOnami! Let's not mix it up! Kanomi wa newhalf desu, that means Kanomi is a special girl! I am the friend to ALL. Not just some, but ALL.

I am a fictional character, I live in a place called Second Life. It is inside some computers. When I am inside the computers I do fun and exciting things! Here is a song I made about it. You can sing along if you like!

I was born a poor anime child,
But we couldn't afford any TVs!
We lived in a manga for a while,
Our last name wasn't even Japanese!

Then I came to Second Life,
When I found it, I was thrilled.
But how can Kanomi look oh so nice?
How do I pay my shopping bills?

Now some gals like to tringo,
And some gals like to build;
But all I knew how to do,
Was fill and get filled!

Now some boys like to dance,
And some boys like to play;
But if they want in my pants,
Those boys have got to pay!

Stay tuned for more posts!

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