Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Suddenly Kanomis, Thousands of Them

Once in a great while -- about as often as sunshine in the black abyss of Dick Cheney's arteries -- someone will wonder what my Second Life is like.

Some readers, having read me here, might labor under the illusion that my in-world life is nothing but a litany of crashes, lag, inventory problems, bannings, shootings, griefings, and inexplicable catgirl infestations. That there is no joy in Kanomi-land, so to speak. That I have been banished to some sort of perpetual Black Box nightclub on a lagged out sim full of Ruths and blingtards.

Let me hasten to clear up this misconception. My life in-world is a non-stop subway train full of schoolgirls and song & dance routines. I cannot even begin to describe it in words; I can only point to a Japanese music video featuring big band, matching unis, and lesbian overtures.

I don't know what they are saying and I don't know why it goes on for two extra unnecessary minutes, but you get the idea:

Suddenly Kanomis. Thousands of them.

Welcome to my Second Life.

Meow! *^^*

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