Friday, May 23, 2008

New Advertising Slogans for SL

We have received a leaked memo from an insider in Linden Lab, informing us that new CEO M Linden plans to replace the current slogan Your World, Your Imagination with something snappier.

According to our source, here are the leading contenders...

  • Try it again, we fixed it
  • Come Camp With Us
  • Listen to your Inner Perv
  • The un-Warcraft
  • Some of Our Best Women Are Men
  • Let your PC do the walking
  • Random ugly shit
  • Log in, turn on, lag out
  • Existence is suffering
  • Please don't squeeze the Excite-scripted bottoms
  • When you absolutely, positively have to grief
  • Strong enough for a man, but gentle enough for a fur
  • Can you hear me now? No.
  • We're like eBay + for the Sims!
  • 50,000 Catgirls Can't Be Wrong
  • Imaginary clothes for real people
and the winner...
  • Hey guys! Now you can fake an orgasm too!

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