Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nintendo Announces New Pii-Wii™ Handheld Controller

Nintendo today revealed the next generation in interactive, handheld gaming devices: the Nintendo Pii-Wii™.

The Pii-Wii™ is a tactile, interactive controller that gives gamers a new level of gaming excitement. Besides featuring cutting edge force feedback technology that literally lets players feel the game come alive in their hand's, the unit's primary innovation is its ability to "morph" or physically change shape during gameplay.

"As the gamer uses the Pii-Wii™, the unit can transform itself in response to images on a screen or the way the player handles the device," explained Shigeru Miyamoto, developer of the Nintendo Pii-Wii™ handheld gaming device. "The unit can morph and elongate," he said, with the ability to grow from its initial state of 10 cm to a full potential of 15 cm when the unit is fully engaged."

In addition to sporting a unique, flexible design, the Nintendo Pii-Wii™ will be able to link up with other gaming devices, allowing users to participate in multi-player games and chat. Using a digital camera accessory, a game player can also record the resulting gameplay for later viewing.

"Adding communication features to a portable game system like the Pii-Wii™ is expected to result in new kinds of network entertainment," says Miyamoto. The Nintendo Pii-Wii™ is compatible with the Nintendo Buu-Tii™, referring to Nintendo's previously released handheld charging station.

"But for gamers without access to a Buu-Tii™, we have also built in the capability to link two or more Pii-Wii™ devices together," Miyamoto explained. "Four or more Pii-Wii's linked together is quite a party!"

Interest in the new unit among developers is high, with several new announced jointly with the Nintendo Pii-Wii™. Nintendo will publish Shigeru Miyamoto's Pii-Wii Party™ with each device and Electronic Arts will support the unit with Will Wright's Pee®. Vivendi Universal will support the unit with American McGee's Ron Jeremy's Circle Jerk.

The retail price point for the Nintendo Pii-Wii™ and its accessories has not yet been determined. The Nintendo Pii-Wii™ is slated for a premature release.

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