Friday, April 11, 2008

Ask a Second Life Exotic Dancer

Dear Second Life Exotic Dancer,

Ever since the new client update, I've been having a lot of graphical problems. Any avatar that's more than a few meters away look all gray and pixilated. Whenever I look at something that is white or light in color it hurts my eyes, like looking into a spotlight. And finally if I turn around too fast I crash. Help! What do I do!

--Bunnypet Hugsalot

Kanomi spins and smiles, a naughty look on her face as she accepts the tip from the beautiful anthropomorphic (sp?) bunny woman in the pink dress. "Thank you so much sweetie," she smiles, slipping the Lindens inside the back of her satin panties and flashing just a bit of bare bottom. "That is so sweet!"

Dear Second Life Exotic Dancer,

Last month I just bought a new island I called 'Warzone Cyberland' as an investment I just paid $1400 for this land! Now the Lindens have lowered the price of a new island to $1000 they have robbed yes robbed me of $400! Godammnit I work as a bag handler $400 is a lot of money to me this island cost a lot of money how can I get my godammn $400 back!!!

-- Cyberguy43 Baskerville

Kanomi turns towards the handsome man in the power armor and with a shy yet coy giggle, unlaces her top. Playfully she holds the satin bodice against her firm, young breasts before dancing over to give him a kiss on the top of his helmet. "Thank you sweetie, that is so sweet!"

Dear Second Life Exotic Dancer,

I am married in real life to a really nice guy and we are really happy and everything. But I also have a boyfriend in Second Life and we have a really intense relationship and everything except he's really married too. We're both thinking about really calling each other or maybe more outside of the world but afraid of 'crossing that line' between SL and IRL. What should we do?

-- Cookiecat Sandcastle

Kanomi slips off the stage and up next to the lovely mistress with the raven dark hair and the latex bodysuit. "Oooh baby, thank you for the generous tip," she smiles, dancing so slowly and so close to the mistress her body grazes against the curves of the bodysuit and her secret surprise swells up excitedly inside her panties as she brushes against the woman's toned, lean body... "That's so sweet!"

Kanomi Pikajuna is a syndicated columnist whose weekly advice column, "Ask A Second Life Exotic Dancer," appears in more than 250 illegal blog content theft feeds worldwide.

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