Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We Don't Want Your Money, Kanomi. Now go away!

Most businesses want customers to give them money. That is how they stay alive after all, their raison d'ĂȘtre if you will. The first commandment of capitalism is, “Thou Shalt Earn Money.”

But if you’re Linden Labs, you’re a special snowflake in the virtual world and nothing, nothing, nothing you do ever works right or properly or even at all. Yet somehow, the whole mess staggers on.

I’d like to get back into the mess, but not sure how.

My PayPal doesn’t work. My credit card doesn’t work. It took three tries to somehow get a Premium membership to go through, which will dole out a lousy 300L a week. Add that generous allotment to my current balance of 1700 and I might be able to afford a mesh body and some decent clothes in about... three months? Meanwhile, I must cower in my pre-fab home, too poor and shabby of an avatar to face the virtual world!

In all seriousness, why is a US company billing US customers through a UK firm? If the idea is to trigger every fraud tripwire and alarm bell on both sides of the Atlantic and test my bank’s steely resolve in defending my good credit, then mission accomplished.

How hard is it to complete an online transaction in the year 2018? How does a repeated inability to buy Lindens on a completely non-functional exchange inspire any confidence whatsoever?

At least she got a bed set up. Priorities.

This is ridiculous. I can afford a mesh body, head, new skins, clothes and the rest of it. I want to give them money so I can enjoy a chic, sleek, new virtual self.

But I can’t.

C'est la vie virtuelle!

P.S. Kanomi is back--sort of !

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